Add Fonts To Ubuntu

Today I will be showing you how to easily add fonts to Ubuntu both system wide and user specific. For the sake of this tutorial I will assume you already have your fonts and know how to extract them from a zip/rar file.

Installing Fonts on Ubuntu (System Wide)

Using this method the fonts you install will be available for all users and apps. This is most likely the best method unless you are the only one on the system that will need the fonts you are about to install.

Step 1: Copy the fonts into /usr/share/fonts/.

Step 2: Reboot your system or run sudo fc-cache -fv (rebuilds your font cache so you wont require a reboot).

If you chose to rebuild your font cache instead of restarting then you should see an output something like the screenshot below.

Install Fonts on Ubuntu

Installing Fonts on Ubuntu (Current User Only)

This method will make the fonts you install only available to your current user, this is great if you are a graphic designer and everyone else using the desktop doesn’t need access to your fonts.

Step 1: Create a hidden folder in your home directory called “.fonts”. MKDIR ~/.fonts

Step 2: Copy the fonts into ~/.fonts

Step 3: Enjoy your new fonts, you shouldn’t have to reboot with this method.

Easiest Method

Double click on the font file that you downloaded and install it automatically. This is great if you are just installing 1 font but if you have a bunch to install then copying them into the correct folder will save you a ton of time.

While I realize this post is much simpler and lacks pictures compared to the other posts I have made, I didn’t feel this was complicated enough to really need further explaining. If you require additional help then feel free to comment and I will attempt to help you out. Please don’t forget to like and share. More posts are always coming!