Blog Updates!

This post is meant to show off all of the new features on this blog, if you have any suggestions feel free to comment!

New WordPress Theme / Theme Functions

  • Although its a just a free WordPress theme, I am slightly modifying it to make it cooler.
  • Code Highlighter is now installed for when posting any type of script.
  • Random post page has been successfully added.
  • Link to index table of all posts has been added to the header.
  • Latest twitter post is visible on every page.
  • Added a poll to the bottom of the sidebar.

Site Structure / Article Links

  • Completely re-organized the categories from scratch.
  • Renamed most posts for Google.
  • Changed article links with a plugin to ensure no pages generate 404 errors.
  • Sidebar was heavily changed from the old one.

Post Comments

  • CommentLuv has been installed to allow guests to share their links when commenting.
  • Random avatars for all guests that don’t have a Gravatar.
  • Anti-spam plugins were installed due to link bots driving me crazy.

RSS Feeds

  • From now on there will be atleast 3 other Ubuntu/Linux related feeds at the bottom of every page.
  • I will switch the feeds if one of them become inactive or quality.
  • If you would like your blog featured in my feeds area please contact me with an email containing your link.


  • ShareThis! has been installed to make sharing pages/articles.
  • I am now writing articles and tutorials about both Linux Mint and Ubuntu.

Google / Bing / Yahoo!

  • Google ads have been added throughout the site (Trying not to annoy visitors at the same time).
  • Sitemap was successfully submitted to Google and Bing, pending crawl.
  • Now using Google Analytics instead of Counterize.

Again any further suggestions on improving this blog are welcomed!


About the Author: Michael

I am 22, was in the military for a while, I enjoy playing around with computers and learning new things. Currently taking A+ essentials (seems a bit easy) and plan on taking some classes to help me pass the LPI exam and Network+.

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