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KolourPaint – MS-Paint Alternative For Ubuntu/Linux

One thing I noticed right away when I installed Ubuntu was that it didn’t have anything like MS-Paint that came with it. You can install heavier apps like GIMP or something but if you just need to do a quick resize or adding text then you might want something that loads instantly instead of waiting (Photoshop Read More


How To Install MySQL In Linux Mint 12

In this post I will be teaching you how to install MySQL in Linux Mint and also how to configure it to work with PHP5. The first thing you need to do is install the MySQL Server package. sudo apt-get install mysql-server If you are running Apache with PHP there is a PHP module you need to install. Read More


How To Install Opera In Ubuntu / Linux Mint 12

Opera is a free web browser available for many operating systems even including android phones. In this post I will be teaching you how to install opera in Ubuntu/Linux Mint 12 from opera’s repository. First install the repository key by running the following command. sudo sh -c ‘wget -O – Read More


Yakuake (KDE4)

Yakuake I wish I would of found you sooner. This little application is a terminal that completely hides at the top of your screen and slides up/down when you hit F12. Yakuake is for KDE4 however it will work for other desktop environments aswell (A bunch of packages/dependencies will automatically Read More

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