KolourPaint – MS-Paint Alternative For Ubuntu/Linux

One thing I noticed right away when I installed Ubuntu was that it didn’t have anything like MS-Paint that came with it. You can install heavier apps like GIMP or something but if you just need to do a quick resize or adding text then you might want something that loads instantly instead of waiting (Photoshop and GIMP just take too long to load). KolourPaint seems like a great replacement that should in my opinion be shipped with Ubuntu by default, anyways here is a screenshot and the quick and easy apt-get line.

KolourPaint   MS Paint Alternative For Ubuntu/Linux

If you want to install KolourPaint then you can click this link or enter the following command.

sudo apt-get install kolourpaint4

I hope this has helped somebody, don’t forget to share =)

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    Some “heavier” painting programmes are MyPaint and Krita; very recommended.

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    I cannot for the life of me understand Linux/Ubuntu. The two friends I know who makes this their operating system I swear must be from another planet. They are as smart as they come but I just wish I knew what they were talking about most of the time.


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