How To Install iTunes/Photoshop On Ubuntu 12.10

The main reason I am posting this is because that was one of the most popular posts on the old version of this blog and its constantly searched for on Google. If you would like to get iTunes or Photoshop installed on Ubuntu then you will need to install Wine first and then run the program you want through Wine. In this post I will show you how to do just that so hopefully this will help some people out.

How To Install Wine On Ubuntu 12.10

Before you can install Photoshop or iTunes on Ubuntu you need to install Wine, it basically runs Windows programs for you natively in Ubuntu however its not an emulator. You can install Wine by running the command found below:

sudo apt-get install wine

If you encounter some kind of error while installing Wine you can probably fix it by running the command sudo apt-get update -f.  I read that its somewhat common so I included this in the post.

install itunes on ubuntu 1024x576 How To Install iTunes/Photoshop On Ubuntu 12.10

Installing Photoshop & iTunes On Ubuntu 12.10

Now that you have Wine installed you can install Photoshop as if you were running Windows however you should really install some things using winetricks first because if you don’t you might have unexpected crashes or your fonts will look weird or other small issues. You can fix all of the before mentioned issues by running the following command in an available terminal.

winetricks corefonts vcrun6

After this is done you should be able to install Photoshop or install iTunes as if you are running on Windows, just double click the installer and do what you are used to doing for the installation process. (iTunes will not have some of the functionality as it does on Windows for example last time I checked it could not sync with an iPhone however this may have changed within the past year or so and I don’t have anything made by Apple so I can’t test this.)

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