How To Add Fonts To Ubuntu

If you want to add fonts to Ubuntu the process is actually much easier than you might imagine depending on if you are only installing a few or tons of fonts. You can download free fonts from sites like DaFont and others. Once you have a font you like then you just simply double click on the .ttf extension and it will give you a prompt something like the screen shot below that will allow you to preview and install the font automatically. You will have to have sudo permissions to install for systemwide use but for just your user you can install them on your account.

add fonts to ubuntu How To Add Fonts To Ubuntu

If you need to add multiple fonts to Ubuntu then you can do this by copying the files to /home/username/.fonts/. If this folder does not exist you can create it by entering the following into an open terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and running the following command.

mkdir ~/.fonts

After this is done you can just copy any fonts you download into that folder, this does not give everyone on your system access to the fonts though, for this you will have to use a different directory which can be found at /usr/share/fonts/. You can copy them by opening a file manager under SUDO permissions or by using the cp or mv commands.

I hope this has helped you install fonts on Ubuntu, please don’t forget to share/like/plus-one. Thanks so much for all the love!

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