How To Add And Remove Users On Ubuntu 12.10

In this post I will show you how to add and remove users on Ubuntu 12.10 using the terminal or also using the built in GUI application. The process is pretty simple and should only take you a minute either way. I will start with how to do it from the terminal because this is the easiest and quickest way to add and remove users on Ubuntu.

Add/Remove Users Using Terminal On Ubuntu

To use the terminal to add or remove a user on Ubuntu you should open a terminal using CTRL+Alt+T and then run either the following commands.

adduser <name> (This will give you a prompt to help setup the new user.)

userdel <name> (This will remove a user automatically from your Ubuntu system.)

add remove users with terminal on ubuntu How To Add And Remove Users On Ubuntu 12.10


Add/Remove Users Using Graphical Utility On Ubuntu

If you would rather use a graphical tool similar to what you would do on Windows then you can do this by opening the System Settings application and then clicking on  User Accounts. You cannot create or remove accounts without pressing the unlock button located in the top right corner and entering your sudo password. The rest should be simple and easy to follow, I have uploaded a screenshot of what this should look like.

adding a user on ubuntu How To Add And Remove Users On Ubuntu 12.10


I hope this post has helped you add or remove users on Ubuntu 12.10, there are plenty more posts along the way so please stay tuned and don’t forget to like/share as it helps the blog out a ton. Thanks as always!

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