This pages main purpose is to describe to new people what Ubuntu is and its capabilities/features. So what is Ubuntu? Ubuntu is a free (Open-Source) operating system that you can install on almost any kind of computer including Macs. It comes with oodles of free software packages that you can install as-well such as Libre Office (Free copycat of Microsoft Office) as-well as some things that you just won’t find available for a Windows based system.

Applications That Run On Ubuntu

You can actually get most Windows software to run natively in Ubuntu using an application called Wine but besides that here is a quick list of applications that you can easily install and use without going through Wine as a Windows emulator.

  • Libre Office (Office Suite that is compatible with MS Office documents.)
  • Skype (Free video/voice/text based chat.)
  • Fire Fox / Google Chrome / Opera (Web browsers)
  • BitTorrent (Torrent Client)

Ubuntu Desktop (Unity)

Ubuntu ships with a really lovely custom desktop environment they named Unity, it is pretty easy to get used although you might want to tweak it just a little bit for example the minimize, maximize, and close buttons can be moved to right side like most people are used to. I have attached a screenshot below of what a default Ubuntu desktop would look like after the installation is complete.

What Is Ubuntu Answered 1024x576 What Is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu Is Stable And Secure

One of the great things about Ubuntu is that its free, but beyond that fact alone and all the things it can handle you also will never have to buy anti-virus or anything like that because its built to be immune to most of the ones plaguing Windows users. Linux is a completely different animal than Windows and so you can rest assured that you won’t be getting hacked or infected if you are just an average user. The other great thing about Ubuntu is that its stable and because its open-source you will get updates all the time for everything installed on your system. This means should there be a problem it is usually fixed pretty quickly and you will be notified that there are updates available.

Other Flavors Of Ubuntu

Below is just a small list of other Ubuntu flavors or distributions that are based on Ubuntu. Depending on what you use your computer for you might like something else besides the standard version, for example Ubuntu Studio which is great for musicians and artists however people that just surf might like regular Ubuntu more, more than just this there are other differences such as what desktop environment each one comes with and more.

Really Ubuntu is a great operating system, I have been using it for 2 years now (I haven’t had a blue screen of death in 2 years as-well) at-least and manage to get everything I need done all the way from Web design and blogging down to Photoshop and business related things. At the very least I would recommend downloading the Live CD and test out Ubuntu without installing or check out the official Ubuntu online tour which is a very limited demo online that you can interact with to see if you would like Ubuntu.